Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday, Blogoversary, Memo Board, and oh yeah...Kidney Stones

Hello all.  I have had a busy two week.  First, I missed my blogoversary.  Second, my I celebrated my 30th birthday on Thursday.  What did I get as a present for both of those milestones??  Yep, kidney stones.  Thankfully, I am feeling better and the whole situation has 'passed'. 

Since I still wasn't feeling 100% I wanted to go low key, so we went to the Portland Zoo.  I got some great shots (I'll post some later).

I have this great memo board I made from a cork board I picked up at GW for two bucks. 

I started by covering the board with one layer of quilt batting and some leftover fabric for my bedroom re-do.  I secured each layer with my handy staple gun.

To start the ribbons going accross the front, I ran one ribbon from each corner.


To ensure that I had the ribbons equally spaced I used one of my quilting rulers to place the other ribbons.

Once I finished with placing the ribbon I added a thumbnail to each point where the ribbon crossed.  I just loved the quilted look, but didn't care for the brass-y look of the tacs.

Inspiration struck and I decided to hot glue a button to the top of each tac.  Love.

I made a few fabric flowers for the corner and added buttons to the center of those as well.

I added ribbon to hang it and viola! 

Super cute memo board that matches my bedroom perfectly!  And all for less than five bucks!!!!!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

I've Been Featured

YAY!!!!  First feature ever!  I was so excited to see a sweet email from Bird today letting me know the diaper banner I made for B's shower had been featured!

Not gonna lie: I squealed like a little girl!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hoooooo Are Youuuuuu

1. What is your natural hair color?

Medium brown with lots of red in it.  Seriously, no matter what color I try to dye my hair it ALWAYS pulls red!!

2. Which do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?

That's a toughie for me.  Some of you may know that I am a photographer so both sunrises and sunsets are great for light.  I prefer a sunrise, but loathe how early you have to rise to enjoy one!

3. What is the first thing you notice about people?

Eyes.  Corny but true: Eyes are the windows to the soul.

4. Do you prefer talking or texting on your cell phone?

Texting.  It's so much easier to multi-task, you don't have to give your full attention to the whole time you are chatting with someone.

5. What size of shoes do you wear?

9 1/2.  Usually.  Depending on the width and other stuff maybe a half to whole size up.