Monday, June 21, 2010

Tutu Drive

Natasha over at Samster Mommy is starting a tutu drive for The Princess Alexa Foundation.  The foundation provides dress up clothes to seriously ill children to help them escape the reality of their disease for little bit.  Natasha has pledged 100 tutus and I couldn't help but say 'of course I can make at least one to send off'.  This is a great idea and will help some amazing kids, please go check out the sites and if you have time donate one yourself!

Samster Mommy Tutu Drive

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Message Board Makeover

I found this beauty in the 'to be thrown out' pile at work one day (about two years ago).  It is part of a cubicle wall.  I painted it to match my craft room and just used it as a magnet board.  Since moving I have decided to go with a different color scheme and decided the board needed a new look and a new purpose.

I spray painted the entire thing a sunny yellow.  I was impatient so I didn't sand or prime, but it turned out great.  After it dried I taped off a rectangle on either side and painted it with chalkboard paint.  (This is my first project working with chalkboard paint and I love it!) 

While I was waiting for it to dry I took some alphabet magnets I got in a set from the DollarTree and bottle caps and glued some glitter on them.  Now I use one side for my 'dream/idea' list and the other for my craft shopping list.  I can hang coupons, flyers, or whatever else on there as well.  I love that I have a functional message board that looks great, and all for less that five bucks!!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Table Lamp Re-Vamp

Ha ha, I am a poet.  Anyway, in decorating for the new place I realized I had ZERO table lamps.  I priced them out at Target and what-not.  Boy, those things get expensive!  I decided to check out the Goodwill and found a beauty.  It didn't matter what color it was because I wanted to paint it anyway.  I got this one for three bucks!  I used Krylon paint and used a very light spray with multiple coats to ensure a clean even coverage.

I can't find my before picture!!!  Imagine an ugly yellowed lamp here.

I didn't find a shade at the GW, but found one at Target for about five bucks.  I happended to have some 'beach' themed fabric on hand for redecorating my living room.  I used some quick grab glue and glued the fabric in one piece over the shade.  

To finish the seam I just folded the fabric over on itself and glued it down.

Then to finish off the top and bottom edges I hot glued some cotton cording I picked up at Joanns.

Here she is all finished.

I just love the way it turned out!  I wasn't entirely sure I could make my theme happened with sticking to my color scheme, but I think it is turning out great!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Good Thing

 Ok, so I am finally settled in after moving a month ago (well, almost) and figured it was time to stop neglecting my bff's in blogland.  Have no worries dear followers, I have been busy crafting this past month and have been very good about take pictures to show you the fun stuff I have created.  With school done till September, my summer vacation holds the promise of lots of crafting and some fun outdoor adventures.  Here is a project I started, oh about a year ago. (alright, I started it last August)  My wonderful boyfriend, Nathan, bought me this super cute magazine stand for my birthday.

I started to refinish it and then in all of my slacker glory, I let it sit outside all winter.  Anyone who is familiar with an Oregon winter knows that means inches and inches of rain fell on this poor little thing.  Here is what it looked like after weathering the storm.

First peeled off the laminate top and sanded it down (it took a lot of sanding).  I started spraypainting it, after I used a whole can and had almost zero coverage I decided to brush paint it instead.  I chose Behr Pebble White.  Three coats of paint later I did a little distressing and added some dark glaze to bring out the 'love marks'. 

I absolutely love it!  I can't believe I honestly thought about throwing it out.  I will show you what I put out on the table in a later post. (some more fun stuff there!)

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