Thursday, June 17, 2010

Message Board Makeover

I found this beauty in the 'to be thrown out' pile at work one day (about two years ago).  It is part of a cubicle wall.  I painted it to match my craft room and just used it as a magnet board.  Since moving I have decided to go with a different color scheme and decided the board needed a new look and a new purpose.

I spray painted the entire thing a sunny yellow.  I was impatient so I didn't sand or prime, but it turned out great.  After it dried I taped off a rectangle on either side and painted it with chalkboard paint.  (This is my first project working with chalkboard paint and I love it!) 

While I was waiting for it to dry I took some alphabet magnets I got in a set from the DollarTree and bottle caps and glued some glitter on them.  Now I use one side for my 'dream/idea' list and the other for my craft shopping list.  I can hang coupons, flyers, or whatever else on there as well.  I love that I have a functional message board that looks great, and all for less that five bucks!!

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  1. Darling! What a fun idea! I love the bottle caps - holy cow they are so cute! Thanks sooo much for sharing and partying with us this week! :)

  2. Wow that's very cute great job!!! Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment! Ok I need to get back to browsing this little blog of yours for ideas!!

  3. That is awesome. Aren't you glad you hung on to it. I love chalk board paint and have one too many chalk boards painted on the walls here at the house!! Such a great makeover.

  4. That is one huge perfect message board - love it! The chalkboard spaces are great! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn