Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Life for a Jar Candle

Ok ladies, lets be honest, we have a few about a million jar candles with teeny bits of wax left in them that we can't bear to throw away.  (Oh, am I the only one?!?!?)

Anyway, on my quest to declutter and decrapify in 2010 I decided to get rid of the things I never use, almost empty jar candles fall under that category.  I put this particular one in the trash and walked away, then immediately turned around and dug it back out. (hey, it was a fresh liner!)  I decided that this jar deserved a better life than a landfill somewhere!  Here is how I did it:

First to clean out the wax, I filled a sauce pan about halfway with water and put it on medium heat.  I put the jar in the water and watched till the edges melted and the wax just popped out.  Unfortunately this particular brand glues the wick holders to the bottom of the jar.  To get the super duper sticky stuff off I put it back in the water and then it wiped clean with a paper towel. (Of course I forgot to get pics of this part!)

Anywhoo, after the jar had cooled, I measured the rim and used my handy dandy circle cutter to cut a circle out of cardstock.  I glued the cardstock to the bottom of the jar.  Then, just for fun I cut another circle out of some cute valentine paper and placed it in the bottom of the jar.


Now the jar is filled with my sharpies and is lovin' it's new lease on life!

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