Saturday, March 6, 2010

Argyle(ish) Cork Board

My issue:


I have jewelry that I would wear, but every time I try to find something it's tangled or has sprouted legs and walked away. 

This is my solution:

But it's oh so boring.  I knew I needed to spruce it up, but couldn't decide what I wanted to do.

Enter argyle.  I absolutely love everything argyle.  I thought about covering them in fabric, then chose to paint them instead.  Here's how I did it.

Start by taping off your squares.

Carefully remove the tape before it dries completely (if you wait till it dries it may pull paint off with the tape)

Next, tape off the thin lines

For the stripes, I taped off in one direction painted, then taped off the other.

I really liked it, but thought it was a little flat.  To really make the brown stand out I used some Martha Stewart glitter in brownstone on the brown paint.

I hung them above my dresser, they looked so cute blank I almost used them as art.


Love.  Now maybe I will actually wear some of my baubles.  

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  1. ooh. ahh. glittery argyle. love it!!

  2. I love this! I love argyle and these look great! They would have been great for art, but they are just perfect for your jewelry

  3. Love it!! I posted a jewelry organizer today too!

  4. I really like it. Very creative idea. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

  5. That's a great solution. I love the argyle! It's very classic. Great job!

  6. Very cute!! I love argyle. Great job :)

  7. hi! i am stopping from TGC it is so nice to meet you!
    i am so loving the argyle!!
    your other projects are so amazing!
    many blessings

  8. i LOVE this. I love argyle, and that would be such a better memo board than what I have! I'll have to do this. Stopping by from TGC New Friend Friday!

  9. Really cute! Found your site through Fingerprints on the Fridge.

  10. I saw your blog on New Friend Friday. This is such a cute idea. I need to do something to hang some jewelry as well (and empty the jewelry box a little). Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Stopping by from New Friend Friday. This is great! I love this idea.

  12. This is the cutest thing. Thanks Found you on NFF.