Friday, March 26, 2010

Should I?

I have been thinking about purchasing Adobe Photoshop.  There are so many versions out there.  I am getting more into photography and scheduling some weddings to shoot for this summer.  I would also like to make my blog photos better.  Is anyone out there familiar with any version of Photoshop?  If so (or if you know someone who does) PLEASE HELP!!!! 



  1. Stopping by from New Friend Friday!

  2. First of all. Hi there. My name's Jeff, and I'm a follower. I have two suggestions for your question about Adobe Photoshop;

    1. Take a look at this list of alternatives:

    2. I would highly recommend checking out Robin Good's Master New Media site ( I don't work for him, but I've followed his site for a long time, and he is constantly reviewing new sites and softwares (many of them are free):

    Keep up the great work. Have a great day today! :)