Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Shorten a Sleeve

I am a server, my uniform is ALL black.  Needless to say it gets really warm while I am working.  I found a great shirt a few months ago for work, but it had long sleeves.  I decided to shorten them so I am able to use it over the warm season as well.

This project took about ten minutes, and I didn't even have to break out my sewing machine!!

First off put the shirt on to get an idea of where you want the sleeves to end.  Mark the shirt, take it off and measure where you should make the cut. 

Cut both sleeves.  Remember, measure twice and cut once!  I was careful with this project but there have been many times I haven't measured twice and boy did I regret it!!

To secure the hem I used Steam-A-Seam.  This paticular one comes on a roll, so I just attached it turned the hem and ironed it into place.


Now I have another work shirt that I can wear in the heat!

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